Four Elements Important to New Life Church

Doing Ministry

“Doing Ministry”
A lot of us have the idea that ministry entails the pastor, evangelist or some other type of pulpit ministry. That certainly is true, but that isn’t the full scope of what “doing ministry” is all about.

This is simply what ministry is: Serving God in the capacity He’s called you to, and serving people. Serving God and serving people can happen many different ways. You can serve God and people on your “job” just as much as the pastor serves God and people at their “job”.

You can “do ministry” by helping others wherever they are, at home, at the store, in the factory, in the field, waiting in line, a phone call, a visit, a good word, prayer, or in the office. Ministry isn’t only reserved for Sunday mornings, it can and should take place every day of the week.

It can literally takes place wherever “you” are helping others in the name of Christ.

You can “do ministry” in a full time capacity by starting where you are.

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