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Bored with Church

“Bored with Church”

We all know that the church is made up of people; people who have character flaws, are in the middle of their sanctification and in the process of growing in grace.

This will not change till Christ catches away His church and we see Him face to face. (Yet we are counted as “the spirits of just men made perfect” Hebrews 12:23), yet we are also going on to perfection (Hebrews 6:1).

I would also think that people understand the church is not a building you go to, but the body of believers in Christ taken together. Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus Name there the church exists.

Yet so many are “bored” with church (this is actually a syndrome of today’s culture, people bored with church, bored with their career, bored with their marriage etc. etc.). Maybe there is a solid reason, maybe the group they are with fails to demonstrate the life, love, joy and power we are called to exhibit in Christ.

Or maybe its because of a lack of involvement in the body. This is what I am seeing, a lack of involvement in the “church”. Not the building, not the day and time, but in the body.
Listen being a part of the church is the greatest thing going! Getting involved where God calls you to get involved can be the most exciting and exhilarating thing in your life.
That doesn’t mean there won’t be the mundane everyday things in life, but even in those times of just being faithful if we do it unto the Lord, it can be so rewarding.

So I counsel you to find your place and get involved. Get into the game, and get off the bench. Jesus doesn’t have any bench, all are called to start. GET INVOLVED and boredom will lose its grip!

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