Four Elements Important to New Life Church

our-ministriesChildren’s Ministry

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Youth Ministry – Revolution

re-və-ˈlü-shən: A sudden, radical, or complete change.
This youth group is dedicated to starting a revolution. We’re tired of existing. Our lives will count for something because we fight to spread God’s word to all those who don’t know it yet, no matter what. We will be dedicated to something higher than ourselves, living above the status quo and not going through the motions. Our lives are sold-out to God. God can change your life, if you’ll let him. We have youth group on Sunday Nights at 6:00 p.m. Come on out and see what we’re all about! We’d be happy to have you


Men’s Ministry

The men of our congregation are currently working to get together on a more consistent basis to build each other up and grow as the spiritual leaders of their homes.


Women’s Ministry – Jewels4Jesus

The women of our congregation get together once a month (3rd Monday) to grow with God and fellowship with one another.  As most women do this group of ladies are frequently giving back to the community and to each other.


Music Ministry

The music ministry encompasses our worship team as well as our sound and media team.  We enter in worship through a contemporary style of music, giving all our praises to the Lord.


Ushers and Greeters Ministry

Our ushers serve on a weekly basis to be sure that the needs are met of the Pastor and of the congregation.  Our Greeters are on a rotating schedule and are excited to welcome you to New Life Church!